IPEDS Reporting

If you must submit IPEDS reports, you can set ASAP to handle this reporting for you and use the IPEDS reports that are built into ASAP. There are some steps to configure ASAP to handle IPEDS reporting.

  1. Course Groups: you must create two course groups. These course groups must be named exactly as noted below. Copy and paste or type carefully. If you do not use this exact spelling/wording, the reports will not work.
    1. You are going to create two course groups. One for Full Time students, one for Part Time students.
      1. Click Configure | Course Groups and then click Add New. 
      2. Create IPEDS Full Time
        1. Do not check "Show online"
        2. Click Save
      3. Create IPEDS Part Time
        1. Do not check "Show online"
        2. Click Save
    2. Assign the relevant courses to the correct IPEDS Course Group. Assign courses associated with Part Time programs to the IPEDS Part Time course group. Assign courses associated with Full Time programs to the IPEDS Full Time course group.
      1. Click Configure | Course Groups
      2. Select IPEDS... Full or Part time
      3. Assign the correct Courses to this group by clicking the "+" button next to each course.
      4. Save the course group when you have finished assigning courses.
        1. You can also add the Course Group to each course individually by going to Find | Course and adding the course group in the Course Group box on Course Details.
      5. Repeat for the other IPEDS group

Which students are included in the counts -->if a student has no attendance in a class within the IPEDS course group, that student is not counted. ASAP is looking for a minimum of one (1) attendance record within IPEDS.

Completed --> who is counted as a Completer? = A student is counted as a Completer when the student's enrollment status = Completed in a course which is tagged as a Capstone in at least one Credit Program and that same course is also assigned to either IPEDS Part Time or IPEDS Full Time. Students with Completed enrollment status in non-capstone courses will not be counted as a Completer.

First Timer --> Breakdown between First Timer and rest. A student is counted as a first timer based on the first enrollment that student has in the Course Group IPEDS. If the student registers and enrolls in May 2016 but the first class start date in the IPEDS course group is August 10, 2016, then that student is a first timer in 7/1/16 to 6/30/17 period. If the student's first class date in the course group is prior to 7/1, then that student is not a first timer.

Filters --> When running this report, ASAP will look only at students enrolled within the IPEDS course groups. You will not have to select these course groups. It is a default for the report.

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