Mass edit the enrollment status of a class

You can change the enrollment status of an entire class or a large group of them using the Mass Edit Status feature on Class Roster (e.g. Mass Drop or Mass Complete). First, find a class and go to Class Details. Be sure you are on the Class Roster tab.

Step 1: Select which students you want to edit the enrollment status using the "check all" button or by individually selecting students. If you use the "check all" button, you can de-select any students who should not be edited.

Step 2: Click "Mass Edit Status" to choose the new enrollment status

A widget will open allow you to choose the new enrollment status. 

If you select Dropped, you will have the option to choose a Drop Reason. 

IMPORTANT - Please Note:

  1. Refunds/Credits: if a student has a payment against an invoice for this class, the invoice will remain untouched and no refund or credit is issued. If the invoice is unpaid, an adjusting entry will be added to remove the balance due.
  2. Notifications: if you drop students, this mass edit will not notify the students. To use the notification feature, you must drop students one at a time.
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