Payment Plan Report

One beneficial report for organizations that use our Recurring Billing module is the Payment Plan report. What this will allow you to do is to keep track of your pending and on-going invoices that either will have an incoming charge or are overdue for payment. This is handy to keep track whenever you're expecting any payments to charge and to check on the status of that customer's payment. Let's review the different displays and columns.

Overdue Report


With the Overdue tab selected, we'll be able to see who is currently owed for your organization. Let's go over what each of the columns represent:

First Name/Last Name - This is the primary account associated with the invoice that currently has a payment plan on it.

Billing Type - There are two different Billing Types we offer. The first is called "AUTOBILL". What this means is that the payment plan is set to auto-charge a saved payment method towards the invoice. Generally, this will be if the customer has a saved credit card or ACH attached to their payment plan, it will show as this label. The second is called "INVOICE". What this label means is that instead of a saved payment method being charged, an invoice/receipt is generated and emailed to the primary customer's account.

Amount Due - This is the current amount owed for this specific payment. So if a customer has paid a partial amount for this payment instance, it will show as a reduction towards the amount that's still owed.

Billing Status - This column is important to note dependent on the Billing Type. For "AUTOBILL", if a payment is declined, we will show the payment having failed. For "INVOICE", what will always show is the billing status as "PROCESSED". What this means is that ASAP has generated the auto-email letting the customer know that they have an amount owed. In either case, it is up to you to process these payments, whether manually or letting the customer know that they're still owed on the payment plan. If at anytime this field is blank, this means either the payment has not processed or the email has not been sent out. If this is the case, please contact our support team to let them know that the payment plan did not update.

Date Due - The day from which this specific payment instance was due.

InvoiceID - The invoice number that the payment plan belongs to.

Email - This is the email associated to the primary account found.

Incoming Report


The Incoming tab will show you any upcoming payments that you'll be receiving from customers. The columns are the same as in the overdue tab. The only thing to note is that the "Billing Status" column will always be blank as ASAP has not charged the customer's payment plan yet so there won't be a status found here.


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