Course and Class Numbering Concepts and Ideas

ASAP requires a course and class number. This number can be any combination of letters and numbers. The Class Code will take the Course Code and include an extra digit or two. We recommend that you separate the Class portion from the Course portion to make it easy to read and see on paper, reports, etc.

The following is a sample of a course numbering structure, for an organization offering a number of adult and community education programs. Samples include Federally-funded programs like WIOA, CTE, Community Education such as senior classes, fitness and arts. Keys to consider when creating a numbering scheme are:

  • These sample course codes below are SAMPLES ONLY. You do not need to use this numbering. It is for reference only to see how to spread the numbers out and group like courses with like courses.
  • If you are coming over from another SIS and have a great numbering scheme you like and has room to grow, keep it. There are no mandatory numbering schemes that we are aware of.
  • Use the first digit to align courses into large categories, such as all Arts classes start with the same digit. Within each big category (denoted by the first digit), group like courses with like courses... as in all medical courses together, all business courses together.
  • Use a large enough course code such that you have plenty of room for all courses within each category. This could be four digits, six, etc. based on number of courses per category.
  • Do NOT use consecutive numbers. Spread out the numbering so in future terms/years, when you create a new, similar course, you can number it nearby if not next to, an existing like course.
  • ASAP allows use of numbers or letters. But you must follow guidelines associated with any 3rd party integrations that may restrict use of alpha characters.
  • The Class Code takes the Course Code and adds one or two (or more) digits at the end. We recommend separating the Course piece from the Class piece by a period for easy reading on reports and in brochures. Example: Beginning Yoga is Course = 8150 and Beginning Yoga on MWF at 7 PM with Jane Teacher is 8150.01


See attached file for an example: Course Numbering - sample.xlsx

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