Student Program Status - what records are included?

When you export the Student Program Status, ASAP uses the filters you choose to determine which student records to include. 

  1. If the filters you choose are WIOA course groups (e.g. WIOA | ESL/ELL or WIOA | High School Diploma), ASAP will pull those students who meet the filter criteria and the Program Status will be for only that WIOA program. 
  2. If the filters you choose are not WIOA Course Groups (e.g. you have a course group called ESL Intermediate), then ASAP will look at all the students that meet this criteria and include all WIOA program status updates for that student.

What this means is that if you choose Course Group = ESL Intermediate and John Doe is in a class in that course group that is ESL and John Doe is also in a high school diploma class, then John Doe will have two program status updates. One for ESL and one for High School Diploma. 

** It is important when doing Student Program Status exports to use Course Group filter = WIOA. This will ensure you only obtain the program status you are looking for.


This is an important point. If a student has 2 or more enrollments in the same instructional program with two different teachers, each teacher may do a separate Update record. If so, the "Status" could conflict with one teacher setting Student A to Left and another teacher setting Student A to Retained in ESL. In this event, ASAP will give priority to the Instructional Program Status to Retained. 

* It is important to have your teachers serving the same student in the same instructional program to coordinate their Update record data.


DATE Definitions

  • SPS Program Start Date = first class start date connected to this instructional program.  If you have 5 classes in an instructional  program – looks at the earliest class start date of those classes the student is enrolled in
  • SPS Program End Date = student's last attendance date for classes connected to this instructional program.  If there is no attendance, we use the last enrollment date.
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