ASAP issued an account credit but I want to refund/credit the customer a different amount, what do I do?

A lot of the processes in ASAP are done automatically to help simplify having to deal with self calculations. However, in some situations, the system will perform an action that, though may be pertinent for the action it was intending, does not apply to your situation. A lot of times, this happens when an ASAP credit is issued. In a lot of instances, ASAP will issue a credit to the customer's account that wasn't necessary. A lot of times, this will happen when the intention was to refund the student but a credit was issued. Let's go over the steps on how to fix this.

Here I have an invoice with a credit issued on the account. In this case though, the credit was issued incorrectly. Because of this, we'll need to remove the credit. In order to remove this, we'll need to click "Edit" below the Invoice Transaction Details.:

From here, a trash can icon will pop up next to the credit. If you do not see this icon, follow this support article to show you how to turn this on How do I change or remove a payment method/amount on an offline transaction record?:

Once you click on the trash can icon, it will remove the credit. From here, I would recommend refreshing the page as some times, the data doesn't automatically update. Afterwards, just go ahead and process the refund as normal by selecting Actions > Process Refund:

Once you've completed the refund, the invoice will update to reflect the refund processed:

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