Refunding an overpayment

In some cases, a customer will accidentally process too much payment on the invoice. Whether it's due to a user or ASAP error, there is still a way to process a refund to your customer. It does involve a few steps, mainly to balance the invoice out, in order to be able to issue the refund. Let's go ahead and get an example invoice set up and we'll go over the steps on how to issue the refund.

In this scenario below, we have a customer who's paid $100 on an invoice when only $75 was due. Since they had overpaid by $25, ASAP displays this as a negative balance owed which is correct. Just to note, this is NOT A CREDIT, rather how much is owed back to the customer. Since we need to refund the customer, let's go over how to offset this $25.


The first step we'll need to do is to add a Fee to represent the amount they had overpaid. To do this, just select the Add Items > Fee button:


Once done, a pop up box will come up to fill out the information of the fee we're adding to the invoice. In this case, we're putting in detailed information indicating that this is an overpayment as well as the amount the customer had overpaid. In this case, it will be $25:

Once done, I'll select to Add a fee. This will update the invoice so there's no longer a balance due, however there's another step that needs to be done. Since the original payment was recorded before the new fee was added, we need to allocate some of this payment towards the new fee to offset and balance the invoice. To do so, just select the Actions > Reallocate Payments button:


From here, we need to select the payment we're re-allocating. In this case, we only have one payment:


Note that the amount we paid is $100 but only $75 is displayed with nothing being allocated towards the fee that was added. We'll need to put the amount that's overpaid into the amoutn to allocate in order to balance the invoice:


Once done, just select "Update Payment Allocation" and head back to the invoice page. Nothing has changed from the previous display but what this will allow us to do is to refund the $25 since now, we have that payment allocating towards some invoice item.

After you've performed the refund of $25, you'll see the invoice will update properly to reflect what the customer should have paid, the amount they overpaid, and displaying the refund. A few extra steps but this will properly balance your financials and records the overpayment accurately while allowing you to refund the customer.


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