How do I remove a balance due after refunding/crediting the student from a partial payment?

There will be times when you've already processed a refund/credit for a student but still need to remove the balance owed on the invoice. There's an easy way to do this using the new invoice page. Let's go over the steps on how this is performed. First, let's start with an invoice with a partial payment and the refund already recorded. First thing we want to do is select "Edit Invoice":



From here, we want to change the amount owed for the dropped class to $0. To do this, click on the amount for the invoice item that shows a balance:


Once you've clicked this button, pop up will appear giving you different options. Here's what the pop up will look like:


Let's go over each of them:

New Amount - This is the amount that you want to set the item at. You wouldn't need to adjust up or down anything, just set the price to that amount.
Current allocation - This shows if any payments are allocated towards the class. Since it's a partially paid class, $50is displayed.
Adjustment limit - This shows you how low you can adjust the item down. Generally, it's the difference of the total amount of how much is owed minus what's currently allocated. In this case, since the class is $50 and they had paid that amount, the lowest it can be set is for how much they've actually paid.
Override limit by creating a credit - Selecting this checkbox will allow you to set the price lower than what the customer actually paid. Any remaining amount will be issued as a credit. The caveat to this however is if credit/refund has already been issued from this class. In this case, since a $50 refund was already issued, it won't issue any amount more than that.
Name your Edit - This is the name of what the adjustment will look like on the invoice.
Reason for Edit -  Putting information here will display any notes for the adjustment.

Let's go ahead and put in our edits:

I've set the amount to $0, selected to Override the limit, and added any additional notes. From here, I just selected to "Save Changes". This will bring me back to the invoice. You will need to refresh the page to see the results correctly. Once done, the amount owed will show as $0 and there will no longer be a balance owed on the invoice.



Just a couple of notes on this:

1. If there is a different in the amount refunded/credited compared to how low you're setting the new price, a credit will be issued of the difference. Referencing above, if I only refunded $45 but selected all the boxes, the system will create a $145 adjustment and issue a $5 credit to the customer's account.

2. If there's any discounts found on the invoice item, it's recommended to remove this first in order to perform the steps above. Here's steps on how to remove an individual discount on an invoice item:

How do I remove a discount for a single class or invoice item?

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