How do staff members change their notifications

Staff members can choose to have certain notifications through the ASAP system.  If the staff member wants to receive certain notifications or is receiving notifications that he or she does not want to receive, here is how to change that. 

1. Have staff members log into their account and on their Employee Detail page and click on Edit My Settings to go to the User Settings/Setting page. 

2. In the User Settings page, scroll down to My Notifications.

3. Check the box beside any notification they want to receive.

4. Make sure the box is unchecked beside any notification they do not want to receive.


Here is an example for an instructor who does not want to receive notifications when an Inquiry form is submitted:


1. The staff member logs into his or her account and clicks on Edit My Settings:

2. This will take him to the User Settings/Settings page.  At the bottom of the page, under My Notifications, there is the notification to: "Send me an email whenever a new Inquiry Form is submitted."  Uncheck the box next to this notification and click Save.  Then he should no longer receive this notification.


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