ASAP Customer Groups Crosswalk: Match to TOPS barriers, personal status and special programs

Most ASAP Customer Groups are tied specifically to their perfect counterpart in CASAS TOPS Enterprise. There are a few Customer Groups that come automatically with ASAP that are not official TE values and are automatically routed to a specific one for the Entry and other information on students.

ASAP Customer Group TOPS Enterprise Value
Economically Disadvantaged Low Income
General Assistance Low Income
CalWORKS Low Income & TANF
TANF TANF & Low Income
Pell Grant Low Income
SSI Low Income
Food Stamps Low Income
Free & Reduced Lunch Low Income
LEP English Language Learner

If you add a Customer Group for your own purposes, it will not be automatically populated in TE. The only Customer Groups that will automatically populate TE for export purposes are the Customer Groups provided by ASA. You may create and use your own Customer Groups, but if a student must be tagged as "Low Income" in TE, then you must select one of the Customer Groups in ASAP that are tied specifically to that value, not one that you created on your own.

Example: I create a Customer Group called "Receives Government Financial Help". If I tag a student as this Customer Group, i must also tag that student as Low Income or one of the above Customer Groups for ASAP to note Low Income in TE. ASAP will not tie "Receives Government Financial Help" to Low Income.

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