Transcript: External Records Shortcuts

When you're inputting transcript records, there’s no need to use your mouse until you click Add new record or Save changes.

Here are the recommended steps using the Tab key:

  • Click Add new record.
  • Type School Name – hit TAB
  • Type Class Name – hit TAB
  • Tab through each field.
  • Academic Letter Grade: Enter “A” or the appropriate letter grade.  A+ will appear, keep entering “A” to move onto A and A-.  There’s no need to access the dropdown menu for academic letter grade.
  • Course Group: Enter the first letter of the course group name.  For example, for the Math course group, type “M”.  If there’s more than one course group that begins with the letter E for example (Economics, English, Elective), then hit the “E” key until you get to the appropriate course group.
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