How is the GPA calculated from the individual records?

The GPA is a calculation based on all the records that are attached to the Credit Program (e.g. High School Diploma). The calculation is:

Sum of All Records (value of each letter grade times the number of credits) / Total Credits if Letter Grade is included in GPA calculation

The following will help you understand how each letter grade is calculated in the GPA and the credits earned for the Credit Program.

Letter Grade Included in GPA Included in Credits Earned Value in GPA
P No Yes N/A
NC No No N/A
CR No Yes N/A 
S No Yes N/A 
NS No No N/A 
A+ Yes Yes 4
A Yes Yes 4
A- Yes Yes 4
B+ Yes Yes  3
B Yes Yes 3
B- Yes Yes 3
C+ Yes Yes 2
C Yes Yes 2
C- Yes Yes 2
D+ Yes Yes 1
D Yes Yes 1
D- Yes Yes 1
F Yes No 0

If your organization wants to include a Letter Grade in the GPA calculation that is not currently included, please contact ASA Support ( and ASA will adjust your GPA calculation accordingly. Please provide the "Value in GPA" for any Letter Grade that should be included (whole numbers only). The "Value in GPA" cannot currently hold a decimal point.

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