Can I edit a payment plan?

In some cases, you'll have a customer needing to change when their payment plan's due date are set. Whether they have something special set up with your organization or you prefer to not have the dates set monthly rather at a date you determine, we allow flexibility for organizations to change this. Let's go over where you can edit the payment plan as well as what you can change.


Cancel Payment Plan

Once a payment plan is set, you have two different options on what you would like to do to it. The first would be to cancel the payment plan. What this action allows you to do is to completely remove the payment plan on the invoice. Any records of payments having been made towards the payment will be completely removed as this will wipe the record that this invoice had a payment plan found on it. If any payment plan fees were incurred, this will also be removed unless the customer has already paid for it. 

Edit Payment Plan


If you choose to edit the payment plan, you will be brought to a new screen where you will be allowed to make edits to the payment plan set. On this screen, you can adjust how many months you would like to have set for the plan. Setting the "Starting Date" will update the next available owed month to start at that date. What this means is if you're payment plan has already begun and a customer has made payments towards it, the starting date will be the next payment owed that is not due now. In addition to this, you can change the payment type from charging to "Invoice" to using a saved credit card in the customer's account.

The way in which we divide the amount owed is rounded to the nearest whole dollar, with any remaining amount set at the last payment. This can be changed by clicking directly on the amount area and manually updating this. This can also be done with the "Due Dates" where you can manually set the future scheduled payments as well. One thing to note, when setting the due dates, is that whatever date you set, the following due dates will auto-update to match this date. It's recommended to work from top-down when manually setting a due date if you have custom dates for your payment plans.


Can I change a due date after it has past?

  • Once a due date has past, you are unable to change the due date. The reasoning for this is we want to keep a record of the original due date to show that you had charged a customer at this time. Since the billing due is in the past, we want to maintain this record in case any additional fees need to be added to this account. 

How come I cannot cancel a payment plan after the invoice is PAID?

  • With the same logic we use with being unable to change the due date, the same is true about cancelling a payment plan after the invoice is marked as PAID. The reasoning is that we want to maintain a record that the invoice had been on a payment plan in the past. If you cancel the payment plan, this information is lost.

Can I set a deposit once a payment plan has already begun?

  • Once a payment plan has begun, you are unable to set a deposit. A deposit is used as a way to initially charge the customer at the time the payment plan is added. It's not something that can be added on after the fact. Since our process to auto-charge or email an invoice to the customer happens overnight, you'll need to set the next payment to the following day if you intend for an auto-action by the system to occur.

If the system charges a payment plan fee but I do not intend to charge the student, how can I remove this?

  • Dependent on your user access settings, you have the ability to edit invoice amounts including items found on a payment plan. To remove the payment plan, you would just need to select the "Edit Invoice" button. From here, you'll be given two options, to either remove the payment plan fee outright or to adjust the fee down to $0 in order to keep the record that the fee had been charged. This is dependent on how your organization handles the fee it no longer wishes to charge:



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