Recurring Donation

The latest update to our fundraising module is that now you can configure recurring donations. Recurring donations will allow you to collect funds in a series of gifts given on a monthly basis with no specific commitment from the donor. The donor can decide to end the arrangement at any time by canceling a single or all future payments, or to pay until that specific fundraising campaign ends. 

Recurring fundraising campaign configuration is very similar, if not the same, as for a one time donation. To see more information on how to configure one time donation, click here.

To set up recurring fundraiser, go to:

1. Create > Fundraising 

2. Enter Campaign Name, G/L account, and start and end date 

3. Select email template - we now have two email template you can use for fundraising campaign, one for single / one time donation, and one for recurring donations. Be careful when selecting en email template, since only recurring donation email template has the ability to create a donation subscription in the system. Here is the difference between the two:

  • Fundraising Thank You (with spaces) - this template is for a one time donation. You can customize this template the way you like.
  • FundraisingThankyou (no spaces) - this template is for recurring donations. If you wish to make any edits or customizations to the template, please go to Configure > Manage Emails > select this email template and customize the email message, but do not delete ##RECURRINGDONATION## token. This token generates recurring billing subscription and acts as a trigger when users are adding recurring donations on public and processing payment. The system sends a confirmation email to that user with the link to recurring donation subscription. The system will trigger this email each month on a scheduled payment date:







4. Fundraising Goal - enter a donation level you would like to reach with this fundraising campaign.

5. Show Online - by checking this checkbox, you will make this campaign available on online registration site. 

6. Quick Donate Amount List - enter donation amount that donors will be able to choose from, separated by commas. In addition to amounts you list here, we also add "other" option which allows donors to donate any other amount they wish.

7. Recurring Donation checkbox - you will also notice an addtional Recurring Donation checkbox in fundraising configuration. By checking this checkbox, you are giving donors the option to either donate monthly or to make a single donation:




Just like with any donation campaign, you can select to make this campaign default and to show it on the shop cart page or/and the payment page. 




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