Why I can't I process multiple refunds to a credit card?

Have you ever had a situation where you're trying to refund a customer's credit card and the system blocks you? Maybe an error message displays or something else comes up preventing you from doing so. First, I would review to make sure that the credit card can be refunded. In some cases, you're not able to refund directly towards the customer's credit card, whether it's your payment gateway's rules or because the system had already issued a credit for that item. If these don't apply, there may be another reason that you're unable to refund multiple payments. Let's go through an example invoice.


Here we have an invoice where we have two different payments. You'll note that each payment is the exact total of each item on the invoice. In this scenario, we want to process a refund for one of the payments. First, we'll go to the "Actions" button and select "Process Refund". In this scenario, after I select the first payment to refund the "Materials Fee", an error message is thrown saying the payment is not configured for a refund. 


The reason for this is how we allocate payments on an invoice. If you're not sure what a payment allocation is, this support article should help explain what they are and how they work in our system. If we go into where the payment allocations are located, we can select each transaction to see how that payment was applied on the invoice. In this scenario, I've select the first transaction:


You'll note that the $100 payment was allocated towards the $100 item. If I select the $75 payment, we'll see that this payment is allocated towards the $75 item:


Because of how a credit card payment is allocated, we can only refund towards the item that was actually paid with using the original transaction. So I cannot refund $75 from the Materials Fee towards the $100 payment, even if it's the same credit card. This is because of how we track payments within our system and how they're linked to specific items. If I go back to the Refund screen and I want to process the transaction towards the Materials Fee, I'll need to select the original payment that was used to purchase it:


Once I've selected the original payment that was used for that item, I can refund that amount back to it. When doing this yourself, you'll need to make sure the payment used for that item is the one being refunded. If not, you'll either need to select the correct payment or update the allocations to match that in order for you to refund the customer.

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