Remove all discounts from an invoice

There will be some instances where an admin will apply a discount on an invoice and it ends up being the incorrect one or the amount is wrong. Let's go through the steps on how to remove all the discounts found on an invoice.

Here's an example of an invoice with a discount found on multiple items:




In order to remove the discounts, just select the "Actions" button and click on "Remove Discounts":



A pop up message will display indicating a confirmation in order to remove the discounts:



Once you've clicked on "Yes", all the discounts found on the invoice will be removed:



  • Which discounts will be removed?

Selecting this button will remove all the discounts on the invoice. If you need to remove just a single discount from the invoice, check out this support article on how to do so:

How do I remove a discount for a single class or invoice item?

  • What if I just want to edit a single discount amount?

If you need to just change the amount of a single discount, follow this support article here on how this works:

Editing items on the invoice


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