Why can't I put this invoice on a payment plan?

As an admin, you may run into a situation where you're unable to place a payment plan on an invoice. When going through the invoice and clicking on the "Actions" > "Put on Payment Plan" link, your brought to the page with the error message "These is no configuration for the payment plan." There are a couple of reasons to this but the main explanation as that you can only put an invoice on a payment plan as long as the items on the invoice belong to a time period configured with one. If you're not sure how to configure a payment plan, this support article will help explain how to do so: Payment plans

If your time periods are properly configured to have a payment plan set up, then you'll need to review the items that are found on your invoice. Here are some common cases for why it's not showing up:

  • Are the classes/lessons configured to the proper time period? If not, you'll need to update one or the other for it to show.
  • Do you only have products or manual fees found on your invoice? If so, you cannot configure a payment plan for them since there's not a way to associate a time period for them.
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