Unexplained or code 252 Failed Transactions for Authorize.net gateway users

– as of January 2018

Auth.Net has recently employed a new security filter which may trigger a transaction to be temporarily held in a Pending state for your review at times of unusually high volume (such as a new season launch).  A customer therefore will not have completed the transaction and may not be enrolled in a class as expected. Pending invoices will not be created unless your organization allows the 'Pay Later' option. You may look for these failed transactions by going to View Reports>Master Reports>Failed Transactions report. Filter for the recent date range, and notice the error codes listed. 

If you are experiencing these transactions, Auth.net recommends all clients consult support.authorize.net and search for help with such issues.  The following search of this website below gives some information that the code 252 indicates the AFDS  (Advanced Fraud Detection Suite) kicked in and set these transactions as “Pending awaiting review”.


Contact Authorize.net:

You can delete all pending payments in Auth.net and increase your AFDS filter criteria so shoppers can enroll and pay for classes. 

If you had Pay Later enabled, and if there are pending unpaid enrollments, then when you have approved some or all of the pending payments in Auth.Net, you will need to record the credit card payment in ASAP manually.

ASAP recommends: recording the approved payment as an ‘Other Credit Card’ Payment Type or create a new payment type specifically for this purpose.  We recommend you record the Transaction ID and date in this transaction entry.

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