Using the new Surveys tool (Beta)

Here is a basic step-by-step guide for using our new Surveys tool. This will change as we continue to work on building the tool.


1. Go to tools>Surveys. 

2. Click the "Create new Survey" button. 

3. From the Create Survey page, give your survey a name. Then select an email template from the dropdown. (This should be a default template shown that can be edited.)

*NOTE: once you create the email template, you can edit it by clicking on the Survey Name within the Edit Survey function.


4. Next, it's time to add questions. Select the type of question you want to add from the dropdown. From here, fill out the information you want to be added to the new question, and click to save.

5. Once you are done adding questions, click the "automation" link next to your new survey. This will take you to the page where you can configure which classes to add this survey to. 

6. Use the filters to select which class(es) this survey will be linked to. Then, select how many days you want the survey to be sent before or after the class. Save your changes.

7. Once you have finished this step and go back to the surveys page, you can click the "view results" button.

8. This is where survey results will appear. You can filter to select which survey to view results for. You will be shown how many students the survey was sent to, how many completed it, and the completed percentage. 

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