Seasonal Restart for Conferences - Create or copy a conference

Creating or copying conferences:

For new users creating conferences for the first time, you need to create new conferences, create course title offerings, then populate offerings into the time slots.  Consult our help articles on conferences:  and/or:

To copy conferences from one year to the next, here is a short summary of what the following steps have you do: Go to each historical conference, and copy each conference into the new time period.  It will copy over your time slots but these will be empty of session offerings.  Enter appropriate start and end dates, save conference, then populate the time slots with your session offerings. These new session offerings are simple newly created classes from existing course titles. Those session course titles need to be in ASAP before you can build your conference.

 Steps for creating New Season of Conferences:


  1. First – Each new season
  • Create new Time period for your new season, check the box for “configuration is complete”
  • Create new Course Group:  “Stream Camp Offerings” (can create grade groupings if desired)
  • Create new COURSES (not classes) for any new session offerings that you will be offering in your time slots. Include Grade information in the titles, for easier shopping. (like: “Art Gr 3-5”)  NOTE: you only need ONE course title for each offering, even if you offer this course at several different times and sessions.
  • Assign these courses to the Course Group (bucket of offerings):  “Stream Camp Offerings” or “Offerings Grades 1-2” and “Offerings Gr 3-5”


  1. Decide if you will copy or create new conferences.  Find old conferences and review time slot names (like “first period”) and slot times  (like first period starts at 8:00am and ends at 8:50am).  Verify that all time slots have the desired start and stop times for the new season.  If you want to edit time slots you may want to create brand new conferences.  NOTE: You can edit time slots but this will change the name and slots times in historical conferences as well. 


  1. If you have a new name for your conference, create a new conference.  You don’t want to edit titles from previous years, this will change the name and history of those historical conferences.  See instructions to create new conferences.


  1. To Copy Conferences from previous years:
  • Find>Conferences to find the older conferences to copy from.
  • Change Time period in upper right corner to All Time periods in order to see previous years conferences that you want to copy
  • Uncheck the box for Show individual sessions in upper left area.
  • Search for desired conferences using title word like Sports
  • Find the desired old conference and click to View Details
  • Review time slots for accuracy
  • To copy: Scroll down to bottom right side of page, click Copy Conference
  • Enter new Time Period which you have previously created, and enter start and end date of new conference.
  • Click Copy conference
  • You are now in the new conference page.
  • Click the big green Edit button next to “view schedule”, and update two things: update the code and update the question for “Does each day have new sessions….”  to Single Day instead of Multiple day. Save Details and Continue” right there in this dialogue box.
  • Click “Save and Continue” at bottom of page which actually saves the page


  1. To start populating your new or copied conferences with offerings in each time slot
  • From the Conference Detail page, Click the hyperlink: “View Full Session Schedule” at middle right side of page, to start populating the time slots with the offerings
  • Click Add new Session for first desired time slot.
  • Fill out the data, each class code must be distinct. Save
  • Continue adding sessions to each time slot as desired.
  • Move to the next conference and start again.


  1. Proof your conferences. Go to admin side, click: Conference Enroll, and click on each title to view and make sure they display properly.
  2. Configure the time period to display online to review and make sure the public side displays properly.


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