Registration form rule

You can use registration form rule to configure your registration forms for a specific program, an age group, or a customer group. This feature is very handy when you want your students to fill out a specific registration form. For example, if you have a summer camp and you want to collect specific information, you can create a new registration form for that particular summer camp. 

To configure the registration form rule go to:

1. Configure in the left navigation and select Reg forms 
2. Select the registration form you want to use for a specific program / customer group / age group 
3. Click on form rule link 
4. In the modal window from the 'Rule type' drop down menu select Program / customer group / age group  
5. From the next drop down menu select appropriate program / customer group / age group 
6. Add a rule and save.

If you are using program rule, you will have to turn on program navigation in order to create programs. You can learn more about program navigation here.



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