Why my discounts are not working

There are several common reasons why your discounts, both automatic and coupons, may not be working:


1. Discount has expired - Discounts are setup to start and end on specific dates. If you have a discount that was once working but is no longer working, make sure the discount is still active. If it isn't, edit the discount and expand the expiration date for the discount

2. Discount is not active yet - Like in the previous case, your discounts are setup with the start date. Make sure that the start date is not in the future. If it is, edit the discount and change the start date to the current date. 

3. Discount is configured to apply to multiple classes / courses / course groups - If you configure your discount to apply to multiple classes or courses, student will have to enroll into each class / course you listed in the discount description to qualify for that discount:



For example on the image above there are four classes in this discount description, and the only way I can qualify for this discount is if I enroll into all four. Whatever you add to discount description will be that discount requirement. 

4. Single-use coupon - If you configure a coupon discount and it is not working, make sure that coupon is multi-use. If you configure it as a single-use coupon and after you use the coupon the first time, discount will become inactive. 

5. Classes are not discountable - Another common reason for discount not to work is if classes are not discountable. To make sure all your invoice items are discountable, edit each classes on the invoice and under the class fee check if discount is set to True. Ifv it is set to False, edit the class fee, check the checkbox under "discountable", save the class fee, and finally save the class. 


6. Time period fee is not discountable - If you configure the discount to apply to a time period fee, but it is not working, make sure that your time period fee is discountable. To do this, go to Find > Time Period > Select time period and edit. Right next to the time period fee, there is a checkbox to make the fee discountable. Check the box and save the time period.


7. Invoice items are manual fees - Manual fees are not discountable. If you add manual fees to the invoice, you will not be able to apply discount to these fees. 




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