Invoice statuses

In ASAP, we offer five different visible invoice statuses as well as one hidden status, dependent on what place the invoice is on. Let's go over each of them.


An invoice status will show as 'UNPAID' if there are no payments found on the invoice. When the invoice status is set to unpaid, you'll be given a few different options. You can select to "Edit Invoice", "Add Items", "Actions", or "Accept Payment". Dependent on your user access settings, you'll be given different options under the "Actions" button:



An invoice status will show as 'PARTIAL' if there is a payment found on the invoice but there is still an amount owed. This is different from a payment plan invoice which we'll discuss later. The same options that were found on the unpaid invoice will be found here. There will be a few different options under the Actions button that aren't found in the unpaid invoice status that can be seen here:



An invoice status will show as 'PAID' if there's no balance due on the invoice, regardless if there's a payment found. Some more options will be found under the "Actions" button and the "Accept Payment" button will be missing due to nothing owed on the invoice. 


Payment Plan

If an invoice status is set to 'PYMTPLAN', this means that there is a billing schedule found. Dependent on your organization's settings, you'll have the ability to put an invoice on a payment plan. Additional options such as "Edit Payment Plan" and "Cancel Payment Plan" will be found under the "Actions" drop down. For more information on how payment plans work, check out this support article here:

Payment Plans

Part 3 - Payment Plans

Can I edit a payment plan?


An invoice's status will be set to VOID either by the system or an ASAP support staff. When an invoice is set to void, all information found on this invoice will be hidden from both your customers as well as any financial reports. You'll have fewer amount of buttons to select and should be treated as a "dead" invoice. Here's more information about void invoices:

How come I can't void an invoice?

How can I find a list of voided invoices?

Can I delete an invoice?

Will a customer / student see a Void invoice on the Public Portal?


The final invoice status is the "Draft" invoice. Generally, these should be completely hidden from view in your entire system and are generally used as a place holder invoice whenever a customer is enrolling online but has not completed payment. We keep these draft invoices in order to show that a student is occupying a capacity in the class. If they no longer decide to enroll, the draft invoice is deleted completely. 

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