Processing Monthly Payments for Private Lessons

Scheduling Monthly Bills

Schedule your bills once a month, the day before you want to bill your students.  So if the bills are to go out on the 1st, you should do this the day before, say on the 31st (30th or 28th). The bills will be sent between 1 am and 4 am, so you cannot schedule them 'today'.

Note: If any new enrollments occur after you have scheduled your bills, you must repeat this process and select the new enrollments to be scheduled as the system will not automatically include them in the existing batch. 

Go to Private Lessons > Monthly Billing

  1. Select the month
  2. In Bill on: enter the date you wish to send the invoices or charge the credit cards, i.e. 1st of the upcoming month
  3. Spot check that the enrollments and amounts are accurate.  If you need to make any changes, do that now as the invoice amounts will not be changed after they have been scheduled.
  4. Click Schedule Bills for All Students


This shows the bills have been scheduled.  This does not mean the bills have been paid.

On the schedule date, the invoices will be generated and sent to the student, or the credit card associated with the payment will be charged between 1 and 4 am.  The status column will change to PROCESSED.   This means the invoice has been generated and billed to the card on file.  

Also, on the schedule date, you will be able to view the invoices via the PL Enrollments page. You will not see invoices before their scheduled date. 


If a student comes to pay their bill in person, follow the instructions here to process the payment on the invoice.

  • From the Private Lesson Enrollments page, click on the Invoice status in the Invoice column to open the invoice.
  • From there, select the "Accept Payment" button. If you don't see this button, make sure the invoice status isn't set to PAID.


When selecting to "Accept Payment", you'll be given the option to either choose a "Credit Card" or other offline payment types. If you have any custom payment types, they'll display under this drop down as well.

Here are some supplemental articles for questions you may have when accepting payments:

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To Invoice or Auto-Charge?

The system is set to create invoices that will be emailed to the students on the scheduled date.  If you would like to set it to Auto-Charge to a saved credit card, please follow these steps:

* First, check there is a credit card saved to the account.

  1. Go to the student’s Family Account page
  2. Scroll to the end of the page to the SAVED CREDIT CARDS/ECHECKS
  3. Ensure card details are entered here and that the expiry date is valid.
  4. If there is no saved card, click Add Card to enter credit card details if you have them.
  5. If the option to Add Card is missing, please check your Configuration to ensure that the option to Use Saved Credit Card is checked. 

Then, go to the student’s PLDetails page > Billing Info tab

  1. In Billing Type:
    1. If it says Autocharge click Change to Invoice then change BACK to Auto Charge
    2. If it says Invoice, click Change to Auto Charge
  2. Select the Saved Credit Card
  3. Check that the last 4 digits of the card are showing.
  4. Click Save

Confirm the Billing Type is Auto Charge with the last 4 digits of the card on file showing.  If the card numbers are NOT showing, this means the card on file is either missing or has incomplete data, or the schedule bills is not associated with the credit card on file. Either way, this means the card is not going to be automatically charged on the scheduled date.

* Sept '17: we are working on an enhancement that will automatically charge a saved credit card, based on system settings. 

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