Enrolling a Student in a Private Lesson on a Monthly Billing Schedule

Access the Private Lesson enroll page by going to Private Lessons > Enroll Student then searching for the student’s name.

Once you get to the Enroll page (app.asapconnected.com/PLEnroll.aspx), follow these steps:

  1. Select the Time Period e.g. 2017
  2. Select a Subject
  3. Select a Lesson (same as subject)
  4. Select an Instructor
  5. Select a Role for the instructor
  6. Select a Fee Tier for the lessons
  7. Select a Location and Room for the lessons


The next section is the Schedule Info section where you can either opt to make the schedule TBD or, if you already know the schedule for these lessons you can go ahead and enter it (you can go back and edit the schedule later).

  1. Select a day or TBD if you don’t yet know the schedule
  2. Select a duration for the lessons
  3. Select a start time for the lessons
  4. Select a start date for the lessons and choose the number of lessons for the enrollment.
  5. Enter the # of lessons between the start date and end of the year (this is the end date of your time period)

The lesson grid will populate with the chosen schedule up to the end date of the chosen time period, in this case, December 31, 2017.

  • If a lesson falls on a holiday, that date will be skipped.
  • If the number of lessons exceeds the number of days available in the year, the schedule will say Out of range.

In this example, the student will be charged for 17 lessons.

When you are satisfied that everything is correct, click Complete Enrollment


When you have enrolled the student, you will be taken to the Private Lesson Enrollments page.  This page shows all Private Lesson enrollments in your system.  Notice that the enrollment you just created has NONE in the Invoices column.   This is correct – the invoice number will show up when the invoice has been processed via Monthly Billing.  

Access more information on managing Private Lessons - https://asapconnected.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/sections/200172267-Private-Lessons-Basics



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