Adding tuition fees or credits when an invoice is present for lessons on a Monthly Billing schedule

If you have generated new fees by adding a lesson or changing the duration of a lesson, and the invoice has already been generated for the month you are working in, you will need to manually apply the fee or credit to the student’s account.  You can add the fees to the existing invoice or create a new one (from the student’s invoice tab).

From the Student’s Invoice

To Add a Fee

  1. Click the Add Items button > Fee
  2. Select the GL Code
    1. enter the fee name, i.e. One Additional Lesson
    2. Description, i.e. Tuesday 8th for 30 minutes
    3. Fee, i.e $35

Depending on your policies, you can choose to Accept Payment and charge it to the credit card on file, or email the invoice to the student.


To Apply a Credit

  1. Click the Actions button > Give Credit
  2. If the credit is for a PAID lesson(s), select Apply Against > Piano Lessons (for example)
    1. Enter the amount and a description
  3. Click Give Credit

The Credit will NOT show on the invoice but instead, will show in the top of the page.  Note: this credit is available to all members of the family.


To Apply a Refund

  1. Click the Actions button > Process Refund
  2. Select the PAID item you wish to refund and enter the amount
  3. You must refund the payment back to the original method of payment

The system will automatically apply the credit to the next month’s invoice.

How to remove a credit from an account 

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