Connecting ASAP to 3rd Party Integration

Before you do this, you must be sure you have the ASAP API functionality turned on and your Client Service person is aware of the different integrations you will utilize. To get started, contact your Client Service representative or email 

When you are ready to connect ASAP to a 3rd Party Integration, follow these instructions:

  1. Log into ASAP
  2. Click this link:
  3. Click "Add new record" (+)
  4. Fill out the fields and enter the information that will help ASAP connect to the 3rd party. This includes keys, passwords, logins, etc.
    1. Not all of the fields will be required.3rd_Party_Integration_-_data_entry.png
  5. Once entered, you will see a new field on classbuilder.aspx (Class | Edit) called Online Class. 
  6. Fill out relevant fields and test the connection.
  7. Save the Class


NOTE: It is best done on Staging before making changes to the Live Server

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