Track Periods of Participation (PoP) for TOPS

There is a report in ASAP that helps you track students status towards the 90-day period of participation rule. The report is found on Master Reports | Miscellaneous | Periods of Participation.

Select one or more time periods, choose a WIOA instructional program (only the WIOA ones appear, no others), select one or more (or all) courses and then do the following:

  1. Enter a date --> this is the date from which ASAP looks backward
    1. In the example below, I used 10/20/2017 and want to look at any student who has missed 50 calendar days since the last date of attendance.
  2. Enter Days Absent --> enter the number of days absences. Any student with this number of days absence (calendar days) or more since the last date of attendance, will be displayed. 
    1. In the example below, I want to know about any student with 50 or more calendar days without attendance in the WIOA | ESL Instructional Program



In the example above, notice Katie Walshe has 67 days since her last attendance date and Oswaldo Gonzalez has missed 70 days since his last attendance date. These two are approaching the 90 mark and should be contacted.

Report Rules:

  • Report looks at Enrolled, Pending, Dropped and Completed.

    • If Dropped, we want the office to know the teacher Dropped the student.

    • If Completed, we count because student could be marked Completed in Fall and has not yet come back in Spring so POP counts from last attendance date in Completed class.
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