Payroll Data Step One - Configure your System


Tracking your instructors teaching hours is one of the most important activities you will undertake. Using ASAP, you can track Private Lesson and Group Class teaching hours, non-teaching activities and instructor pay through the Instructor Hours report. 

A - Set up User Access

The first thing you need to do is to allow the relevant system users access to Payroll.  Select Raw Hours if these users will also add non-teaching hours for payroll (i.e, Admin work)

Configure > User Access > select Type and check Access to Payroll and Add Raw Hours


B - Track by Hours

Next you need to configure the system to track payroll based on hourly rates of teaching.

Configure > Preferences > Preferences section

Click the box next to Use Hourly Payroll half way down this section.


C - Set up Payroll Roles

Next, enter the teaching roles you want to track. Instructors can have multiple teaching roles, allowing you to pay them a different hourly rate for different teaching activities. 

Configure > Set Up Data > Instructor Roles (at the end of the page)

Currently, there are four standard roles. You can use those or/and add your own.

You may also enter Job Class types on this page.  The Job Class field allows you to group types of teachers, for example Full Time and Part Time.   Set up the JC types in this page, and then assign the Job Class to the teacher's account following the steps below.  


D - Assign Pay Roles and Rates

Instructors can have multiple roles and rates. Just assign them in their Instructors set up page.

Go to the instructor and select Edit. Scroll to the end of the page to find the Pay Rates section.

Select the Role type, rate, GL Expense Account if available and dates. Repeat as necessary. We suggest making the pay rates start and end on the dates of the Fiscal or Calendar year for all faculty.


Next page - Applying Roles in Classes and Lessons 

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