Payroll Data Step Two - Applying Roles in Classes and Lessons

Group Classes

Teaching hours are tracked through the group class meeting dates and are not impacted by student attendance. Every class of any length is recorded in the Instructor Hours report IF the class is set up to track hourly (see Note below).

To set this up, you need to assign a role and if required a rate, to your teacher and then set up the class to record teaching by hours.

NOTE: If you pay your teachers by All classes, Per class or Per enrollment, rather than a fee based on how many minutes are taught, these will not be listed in the Instructor Hours Report unless you check the box to: Include Non-hourly payment structures (the clue is in the name, only teaching tracked HOURLY will be in this report otherwise).  Then you will see the non-hourly payment structure classes listed and in two columns on the far right you will see the Non-Hourly Payment Type and the Non-Hourly Payment hours.  Since these classes are not paid Hourly, you will not see a pay role, pay rate and total pay listed in the regular Role, Scheduled Hours and Pay Rate columns.  You will need to calculate the pay for teachers of those classes outside of ASAP.

Setting up your Class to show up in the Instructor Hours Report

In the Class Create or Edit page, select your teacher, set the Pay Schedule to HOURLY, and assign the Role Type.  If you use Job Classes, assign that as well. 


Private Lessons

Teaching hours are tracked through the individual Private Lesson enrollment. Every taught individual lesson of any length is automatically recorded in the Instructor Hours report.

For Private Lessons, simply set the Pay Role and Rate following theAssign Payroll and Rates instructions above.

IMPORTANT: the system uses the PRIVATE role type by Default to record teaching hours.  If you do not wish to enter pay rates in the system, you can still track teaching hours by leaving the system as configured and leaving the PRIVATE role type as Default for all. 


Non-Teaching Activities

For paid activities that are not associated with a scheduled class or lesson, use the Raw Hours tool. These allow you to add a payment to an instructor for say, a performance, admin work, in fact anything that is not in the ASAP system as an hourly teaching activity. Only those with the Raw Hours tool checked in their User Type will see the Add Raw Hours link on the Instructor’s Hours tab (Configure > User Access).

Set up your Raw Hour types, e.g. Admin, Performance, in Roles as detailed in Set up Roles.  Go to your Instructor’s account, click Edit and follow the Assign Payroll and Rates instructions.  Select Role types you created for Raw hours and the hourly pay rate for that activity.

Go back to the instructor’s account and click the Hours tab. Click Add Raw Hours and complete the details of the work as shown below.

This activity will appear in the Instructor Hours report as a manual fee.



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