Rolling Private Lessons for Monthly Billing Schedules

Rolling lessons allows you to copy a student's schedule from one time period to another.  Typically, for those on Monthly Billing Schedules, this means one calendar year to another.  The good news is that for you, this is a one step process as typically, you do not ask your students if they would like to re-enroll.

Step One

There's an important checklist to go through to make sure all your configuration is correct before you roll:  Rollover Check List

  • you can skip the steps about the email to students if you are not asking them if they would like to re-enroll
  • you can ignore checks on invoices.  Your invoices will be manually generated as usual

Step Two

When you have completed the rollover check list, read the introduction thoroughly:  Introduction to Rolling Lessons

Step Three

Then you are ready to roll:  How to Roll Your Lessons


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