New Account Checklist

If you just created your ASAP account and want a primer on how to get started, you're in the right place!  Follow the steps below, keep the links handy and get started!

This guide is designed to give you a collection of resources in one easy location. If you would like ASAP's help in building, contact for information on our implementation packages.

You should begin by downloading the QuickStart Guide. It's a printable guide that will be a helpful resource as you begin to build your ASAP site.

This checklist and walkthrough is geared towards classes specifically. Click these links for more information about reservations or conferences. Contact for pricing information about these powerful features.

This is the link to your Public Page: Company ID). Keep this page open while you are working on building and refresh it to see the changes you've made.

Before you Begin

Before you begin typing, collect the following information so when you are working, you have all of the information you'll be working with, in one place:
  • Your organization’s holiday calendar
  • Your organization's refund policies
  • Site & Facility/Room information—names and addresses of the sites/buildings you will be using and a list of facilities/rooms within these sites
  • Staff information —names, email addresses, phone numbers, any details you want to include for your staff. Aside from name and email address, all other fields are optional and can be entered later.
  • Your latest Course Catalog (you will take the Course Group/Course details from here). Full detailed descriptions can be entered later.
  • A system for coding Courses and Classes—this is flexible, but it’s best to decide on a system from the start and be consistent
  • Course or Class fees (will you be using G|L (general ledger) account codes? optional)
  • For classes (classes are defined as multiple offerings of each course with specific details associated with each) you will need the following information for each class:
            *A system for coding classes (built on your course code system)
            *Start and end date ranges
            *Start and end times
            *Will you allow waitlists?
            *Instructor (or unknown)

Begin Building with ASAP

If you haven't already downloaded the QuickStart Guide, do so now. It will help you follow all of the steps you'll need to follow to complete the tasks below:                  to learn more about creating Course Groups, see this video and article                  to learn more about creating sites & facilities/rooms, see this video and article
                 to learn more about creating staff/users, see this video and article

Beyond Building: Reporting & Registration

Now that you've built some classes and have successfully posted them on your public ASAP site, take some time to refine and explore your listings.
  • Run reports to verify what you've built and monitor enrollments and financials.
           *The Class Summary Master and Course Catalog reports will help you proof what you've built
                    **Here is an article with more information about what to do with these reports
           *The All Course Fees for Organization and All Fees for Classes in a Time Period queries will help you proof fees
           *Once you begin enrolling, the Transaction Report and the Enrollment Report will help you keep an eye on financial 
             transactions and enrollment
  • Set up and test your payment gateway to verify that everything has been input correctly
  • Run test transactions on your public and admin site to get comfortable with your new registration system, understand what your students will be experiencing and make sure your registration form,custom messaging and waivers are set up correctly.
  • Create Family Accounts
  • Register students on your ASAP admin (back end) site with Quick Enroll
  • Learn about drops, credits, transfers and refunds (PDF)
  • If you experience any problems, please submit a support ticket
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