Setting Up a Payment Gateway: Merchant Account Options

Note: if you need to process in a currency other than USD, please note which gateways/merchant accounts are possible.
A merchant account is a type of bank account that allows you to accept credit card payments. You may already have a merchant account that you use in conjunction with a credit card terminal (the machine you swipe the credit card through when accepting a payment).
However, in order to accept credit card payments online through your new ASAP registration site you will need a special kind of merchant account known as an card-not-present (e.g. an e-commerce merchant account). In addition, that card-not-present merchant account will need to be compatible with one of the "payment gateway providers" we work with (a payment gateway is just an online version of the credit card terminal mentioned above).
Once your compatible e-commerce merchant account is set up we will ask you to log into our system and enter your account information. At that point you'll be able to start accepting credit card payments through ASAP.
NOTE:  the only fields that are present on the ASAP online credit card payment fields are the following:  first name, last name, address, city, country, state, zip code and email address. if you require any fields other than these in your payment gateway, transactions through your gateway will fail because your gateway will be looking for information in ASAP that won't be present. make sure that you only require fields in your payment gateway that are present in the ASAP online credit card payment fields.
The following are the options available to you for setting up an e-commerce merchant account that's compatible with ASAP.
If you already have an e-commerce merchant account - you can continue to use it as long as your account provider works with, Cybersouce (your account provider can tell you if they do or not) or PayPal Payflow Pro. If your merchant account is compatible with any of these three gateways, then all you have to do is open a new account with one and tell your e-commerce merchant account provider to start using the new account. Click here for information on these options: 
PayPal Payflow Pro - be sure to select Gateway Solutions

If you don't have an e-commerce merchant account (or you have one but they don't work with either of the three payment gateways mentioned above) - you can open one with any of the following providers:
Bluepay Payment Solutions
ASA has made an arrangement with Bluepay to offer you an all-in-one merchant account and payment gateway for $100 plus 2.70% of all Visa & Mastercard transactions (AMEX transactions are handled separately). There are no monthly fees. You can also negotiate with Bluepay individually if you process a large amounts of transactions per year. Contact BluePay. US dollars and Canadian dollars.
Moneris Payment Solutions
Moneris also offers an all-in-one merchant account and payment gateway for a negotiated rate plan based on your total dollar processing volume. Moneris works with both U.S. and Canadian credit card transactions. Contact Tom Altpeter at (855) 727-9532 and tell him you are with ASAP, or you can click here.
DiamondMind Payments digital payments for tuition, online fundraising, summer programs, auctions, purchase card programs and more. Contact DiamondMind.
Elavon offers an all-in-one merchant account and gateway. Be sure to mention you work with ASAP to obtain preferential pricing. Contact Elavon.
Stripe is a newer all-in-one merchant account and payment gateway provider that's worth checking out. We don't have a contact at Stripe but you can learn more about them on their website. Note: Please contact your Client Services Manager if you have selected Stripe as there is an additional step required behind-the-scenes to complete the set up of this payment gateway. Stripe processes many different global currencies. Check them out to see if they process your currency.
Payment Express
If you are located in Asia/Australia/New Zealand, one option is to use a merchant provider who services your area and your local currency. Check out Payment Express or apply online.
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