Can I reset a customer's password from my ASAP admin site?

In addition to instructing your students to reset their own passwords on your public ASAP site, you can also reset your students' passwords on your ASAP admin site.

Begin by searching for and navigating to the student detail screen for the student you are working with. Select View/Create Family Account.

Next, click View Login Information

Here, you can click 1 Edit to edit the username, click 2 Reset Password to send a password reset email which will be sent to 3 this email address (you can send it to yourself if the student wants YOU to reset the password for him/her or you can make sure this email address is correct for the student and send to the student. When finished, click 4 Hide to close the login information tab.

Once you have clicked the Reset Password link above (step 2), the email address of record (step 3) will receive a password reset email with a temporary password and a link to navigate to your public ASAP site to reset the account password.
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