A customer reported seeing a warning about security while registering on my public site. Why did this happen?

Computers with certain settings will often prompt the user to verify the site they are visiting, and mention possible risks that may or may not be applicable here. This is especially true for computers that people use at their offices or with work-issued laptops because the global security settings might be set at a higher level than you would expect to have on a personal computer or on your home network.

This is not related to ASAP or to your business, but rather to the customer's computer settings. Your public customers can add this new site (your public site) to their trusted sites by clicking allow, or similar, to their trusted and allowed webpages.

Regarding the ASAP program, ASAP has current SSL certificates installed and valid at all times, and all demographic and payment records and data are fully encrypted using the latest encryption methodologies. Your customers can register and pay online with confidence that their information is secure.

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