Editing Custom Terminology

There are a few pieces of terminology in ASAP that you can customize. Changes you make will be reflected on both admin and public. Here's how to do this!

From the left nav panel, select Configure | Setup Data. Scroll to Terminology and select Edit Custom Terms.

Type the singular and/or plural term for any of the following items: class(es), event(s), student(s), facility(ies), equipment. Click Save.

You'll be brought back to the Terminology section, and you'll see the changes you just made.

And, when you find that item in the future, remember to look for the changed terminology. It will still appear alphabetically in the order it originally fell in, but the word will be different. In this case, Students was changed to Campers, but the term Campers appears in the S section of the list, where Students would have been.

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