Creating a Waiver

You can configure waivers in ASAP. Waivers are documents that require an agreement/affirmative answer before proceeding. If a student/customer does not agree to the waiver, he/she will not be able to proceed with registration.

If you are asking a question that gives registrants the option of answering either Yes or No, it's better to handle that with a custom question (click here to watch a video about creating and editing registration forms).

From the left nav panel, select 1 Configure 2 Waivers.

Once you have waivers in the system, you can select (and edit) existing waivers by 3 selecting the waiver you want to see/edit. You will also see 4 whether the waiver is live or hidden. To create a new waiver, select 5 Create New Waiver.

Type a 6 name and a 7 code for your waiver. Type the 8 waiver text, using any of the formatting buttons you would like to use. If you have a large amount of text to include, you can also add a link or a PDF.

Type the 9 text that your registrants will be agreeing to, select the 10 rules that will make the waiver appear (if you want the waiver to appear for all registrants at all times, it isn't necessary to make any selections), make sure that 11 hide from public is deselected (if you want the waiver to appear on your public website) and click 12 save.

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