What's the best way to get a notification when someone registers for a class?

To get a notification whenever someone registers for a class, you will configure a BCC to be delivered to the account(s) of your choice.

Under Configure | Preferences | Payment and Transaction Configuration, click Edit and add an email address to the BCC field. Any time someone registers online, an email confirmation will be sent to this address. The setting accommodates 50 characters, so you can typically enter two email addresses. Remember that this address will receive a copy of every transaction, so it might be a good idea to set up a dedicated email account to receive these confirmation emails.

NOTE! Some schools/businesses/organizations have very strict anti-SPAM and firewall restrictions. Sometimes these restrictions will change/become more stringent. If you stop receiving confirmation BCCs, check with your IT department to make sure that there isn't something blocking receipt of these BCC emails.

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    This is helpful, but it would be great if a BCC notification option could be added at the class level. Some of our programs allow continuing registration throughout the semester, some close enrollment two weeks in. The ones that allow continuing registration are often art classes, and the teacher needs to have enough supplies for the students. If the teachers are reluctant, or forget, to log on and check the roster each week, it can be an issue. Having one BCC account can work, but then, as you point out, that generic account gets flooded with all enrollments, when a program coordinator is interested in only a subset of them. If you could have a checkbox at the class level to send a BCC of confirmation to a given email address, that would be awesome!

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