How do I record an offline payment?

Whether you are processing a walk-in cash/check registration, are processing a credit card through a payment system that is not linked to your ASAP account, or have received a check in the mail, in these circumstances, you will need to be able to process an offline payment. Accomplish this by doing the following:

  1. Navigate to whichever invoice you would like to make an offline payment on.
  2. Select the "Accept Payment" button to bring up the different options of payment for your system.
  3. Select which offline payment you want to record. If you have any custom payment types, they'll display under here as well.
  4. A pop up box with the amount selected will display.
  5. Type in the $ amount.
  6. Below that is a space for notes and that is where you can log what it was for.
  7. Click on Save Changes for the payment to update on the invoice.
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