Why do I see incomplete registration form information for a student? The responses are required. (Students and Customers)

The restrictions that force all required fields to be completed fully are only required on public. Admin has the flexibility to fill out only a partial registration form because often, registrars are rushing to get registrations completed in a short amount of time and they need to be able to fill in only some of the information immediately, and they come back to complete the registration form once the initial rush is over. This is the reason that a student would have partial information in his/her file even if there are required fields on the appropriate registration form. If the registration had been completed on your public site, full demographic information would have been required before the student could register for a class

To see if a registration was completed on public or admin, run the Transaction Report and choose In-House as source. With this filter, you will be able to see registrations that were completed in-house.
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