Registering a student in a class

Likely, more often than not, your students will be registering themselves via your public ASAP site. These are instructions for registering students for classes on your ASAP admin site.

As with the public site, multiple registrations may be created on the same invoice for the same student or for students in the same family account, but cannot be made on the same invoice, for multiple individual students

From the left nav panel, select 1 Quick Enroll. If you need to create a new student, click 2 Add New, fill out the registration form and click Save (that will bring you back to the Quick Enroll screen). If you are searching for an existing student, type the student's name (or a portion of the student's name) in the 3 search box and click 4 Search.

When you have located (or created) the student, select the 5 student record.

This will move the student's name to the 6 Register Student(s) area. The selected name will also appear in 7 green in the student list/search area.

Now, search for the class you will be registering the student for. You can narrow the search by 8 course group or course or you can simply type the name of the class (or a portion of the name of the class) or the class code in the 9 search box and click Search. When you find the class you will register the student for, 10 select the class.

NOTE!  If you want to register a student into a completed class, select the Show Completed Classes tickbox and you will see classes that are completed.

When you have selected both the student and the class, you will see both the student and the class 11 near the top of your screen in white and both the 12 student and the class on the lower part of your screen in green. Click the 13 Enroll button to proceed to the invoice.

This will bring you directly to the invoice.The invoice status will be 14 unpaid. If the student has available credit in his/her account, you will see it 15 here. If you want to add more items to this invoice, for this same student or for students on the same family account as this student, click 16 Add more items to this invoice. Choose the 17 type of item you are adding to the invoice (likely Class) and click 18 Go. This will take you back to the Quick Enroll screen. Continue selecting students (in the same family account) or classes until you have made all of the selections for this invoice. If you are selecting something other than Class, you will be bought to Registrar Mode. Click here to learn more about Registrar Mode.

When you are ready to process payment, scroll down to see the 19 invoice details. On the bottom left of the screen, select the 20 payment method (this example is following offline payment, but an online payment works similarly). Continue to fill in the 21 amount paid andpayment details (context specific to the selected payment method). Type any 22 notes that you want to include on this payment and click 23 Save.

This will bring you back to the top of the same invoice, only now the invoice is marked as 24 paid and the invoice details will reflect 25 payment as well.

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