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Time Periods tell the system which session these classes are for. Some organizations, such as parks and rec centers, offer classes in four different Time Periods, such as Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Other organizations create one Time Period, typically a calendar year or a fiscal year, and let that run for a longer span of time. 

From the left nav, select 1 Create | New Time Period. Type a 2 Code for the Time Period. You are limited to 10 characters. Leave 3 Time Period Identifier blank. This field is used solely for organizations who want to use the same class number each Time Period. The Time Period Identifier makes this possible. Contact us if you have questions about this. Select a 4 Start and End Date for the Time Period. Type a 5 Name for the Time Period. If you are charging a registration fee for the time period, type this 6 here (not common--most organizations use fees for specific Courses or Classes but not for Time Periods. If there is a G|L account associated with the Time Period, select that 7 here. Select 8 Configuration is complete, make this time period available within the system only if you are ready to allow registrars to enroll students into classes in this time period. If you are setting up a time period for future use, leave this unselected until you are ready to allow registrars to enroll in this time period. Finally, click 9 Save.

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