Free classes and confirmation emails

If you have a free class on an invoice, and only a free class, the invoice status is shows PAID, but it behaves a little differently than a true paid invoice with actual monies received. You could easily add another free or fee class, remove the free class, do any number of things to the invoice before it's technically paid with money/credit. 

Because there are so many options with invoices and free classes, ASAP will only send out an email confirmation when something is actually paid (cash/check/credit/credit card/etc.) on an invoice. This means that any invoice with free classes will never have an email confirmation sent out.

If you want to send out an invoice for a zero fee invoice, click Email This Invoice to Customer. This link is available on all invoices, and you may always use this link, but in the case of a no-fee invoice, it's especially useful because this is the only way to have the invoice emailed to the customer.

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