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Programs are another level of organization that you can use on the left navigation of your public ASAP site. It allows you to group your course groups together in an accordion so that your customers are only seeing the specific course groups that are of interest to them.

If you enable programs, only course groups that are selected to be within programs will show on the left navigation. 

You can also set up a program to not be shown online. Most commonly, organizations use this functionality when they want to configure a custom registration form (other than the default registration form) to appear based on a rule that is driven by a specific program. For example, you could configure a registration form to appear only when students are registring for classes within a specific course group. This means that you can configure a program, and place the course groups you want this new registration form to apply to within that program. When any class within that program is selected on your public registration site, the student will see the registration form that you set up based on a program rule.

If you don't want to the program to be visible on your public site but you do want to use them for registration forms, make sure you don't set step 3 below to yes.

To set up programs, start from the left navigation panel, select (1) Configure and (2) Preferences.


In the Preferences section, make sure that (3) Allow Program Navigation Online is set to Yes.



From the left navigation panel, select (4) Configure | Course Groups. This will bring you to the course group edit page, where you can configure both, course groups and programs. Now select (5) Configure Programs and (6) Add New Program.


Enter a (7) program name(8) description for your program, and select (9) show online if you want to display this program on your public portal. Click (10) Save.



Now, you need to add course groups to the program you just created. Select the (11) course groups that you want to include in the program by clicking on + sign and (12) see the course groups will appear beneath the program. If you need to remove any of the course groups you have added to the program, click the (13) recycle bins to the right of the course group to remove it. When finished, click (14) save.






You will see a 15 confirmation

On your public portal, you will see the (16) programs you created and associated (17) course groups. (18) Courses and classes will be visible in the center of the page like they are when your customers use Course Groups to find them.

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