Creating Courses

Imagine that Courses are the master screens in a print shop. The classes that are made from the courses all have the same primary components, but they might use different colors of ink or be printed on different types of media. Courses are the core fundamentals that the classes are comprised of. When you create classes, you will see how the variables may differ.

Courses are not set in stone. They are flexible and can be edited by administrators after they are created. It's best to be as complete and accurate as possible from the beginning, but changes can be made later. 

From the left nav panel, select 1 Create | New Course. Type a 2 Name for the course. This will also be the name of all classes offered from this course so make sure you name it meaningfully and broadly as it will likely be used across different time periods and with different teachers and rooms. Type a 3 Code for the course. This is the identifier that makes each course unique.  Select a 4 Course Group for the course. You can also create a new course group here.  Upload an 5 image(JPG), if desired. Type a 6 Short Description and a 7 Long Description for the course. This will be useful for students who are new to the school, browsing your website for classes. You may use any of the editing tools here to format your course description to the look that you want. If you are familiar with HTML, you may want to use that to tool to format your course description. 

Type any 8 Additional Information you may want to provide for your students. For example, you might ask students in a swim class to be sure to bring goggles and sunscreen. Type any 9 prerequisites for the course. Skip Credit Value, Grade and Deposit Amount for now. Add 10 fees with fee types and fee amounts. If you are using the Membership Module, add pricing for all levels of membership (if you have varied pricing) and save each fee. Finally, click 11 Save to save the course. 

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