Linking to individual class pages

You probably know that you can control whether or not a class appears on your public registration page, and that you can control each of the following: time periods (with priority registration and with general configuration for online registration, programs, course groups and classes.

However, you might have a class that is hidden with some or all of the above criteria, but you still want certain people to be able to register for the class with your public registration system. These instructions will show you how to do this.
First, find the class you are looking for. From the Class Detail screen (below), select Show Links to Online Registration.

You use a specific custom link with an extension at the end. This is a link to the Event Detail page on the ASAP Public Portal.

Select the Event Detail link and copy and paste it into a Word or any notepad program you have on your computer. Add this extra bit to the end of the URL you just copied and pasted: &show=1  

This extra text overrides the Show Online restrictions you may have set with time periods, course groups, etc.

Using these instructions, the link above in Event Detail becomes the following:

Send this link along to anyone you want to, and they will be able to register in this class with this direct link, even though the class is otherwise hidden from your public registration site.

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