How do I give my local customers a discount based on ZIP code?

1. First, create Customer Types in Configure | Setup Data  Likely, you will be creating one called Resident or Local and another called Non-Resident or Non-Local.  At this point you should also tell the system which Customer Type is the Default, which your customers will see first when registering for classes.  The advantage of making Resident the default is if most of your customers are Residents, the bulk of your clientele will see the accurate price first. The benefit of making Non-Resident the default Customer Type is that if you are giving Residents a discount, any Non-Resident will see the accurate price first and any Resident will get a bonus surprise/discount when they check out. In this example, Residents are people who live in the ZIP code 90210.  Non-Residents are people who live in all ZIP codes outside of 90210. When all customers view the pricing on your public site, they will see Non-Resident pricing because we made Non-Resident the default.
2. Now, you want to tell the system which ZIP codes will be getting the discounts. Do this via CONFIGURE|SETUP DATA, scroll to the bottom and enter the ZIP codes that you want the system to recognize as Local/Resident. In this example, we’re giving the discount to 90210.
3. Finally, in Configure|Setup Data, scroll to the bottom and select which Customer Type is Resident and which is Non-Resident. Again, the default is Non-Resident because we want everyone to see the Non-Resident pricing and only the Residents to see the discount.
4. Now that your Resident/Non-Resident statuses have been set, select the Classes you want to give the discount to and add a Fee for Resident/Non-Resident.  Remember, your customers will see the price that you make for the default customer type (in this example, Non-Resident).
5. Now when your customers register for classes, they will be charged the appropriate Resident/Non-Resident fees. Residents will get a discount after they self-select as Residents, Non-Residents will be charged the full price.

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