I'm trying to run a report with Social Security Numbers but I can't see them. What am I doing wrong?

If your organization collects Social Security numbers, you may need to view them or run reports with them. Because Social Security numbers are incredibly sensitive pieces of information, ASAP has built a special option to make Social Security numbers visible, and if you can't see them in a report, it's likely that your access level does not have permission to view Social Security numbers.

To turn on this permission, navigate to Configure | User Access, make sure the User Type associated with your staff record is selected,  tick View SSN and save the change. You will need to log out and log back in again to be able to see the Social Security numbers.

Be aware that everyone with this user access level will be able to see Social Security numbers, so it is good practice to have an organization policy in terms of the best way to safely handle these numbers.
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