How do I edit a class I already created?

Remember that the course is the blueprint for all the classes built from that course, so if you want to edit the class name or description or any of the information that is created at the course level, you actually want to edit the course rather than the class.

Navigate to the course by selecting Find | Courses from the left nav panel and search for the course you want to edit (you may need to search in All Time Periods). When you find the course you are looking for click Edit. From here you can edit the Name, Course Code, the course's Course Group, Course image, Description, Additional info (you can also add additional info to individual classes in Edit Class), Grade minimum and maximum for the class, Course prerequisites, Deposit amount, and Course Fees.
Please note, if you change the course fees this will only apply to future classes created in this course. If you want the new fees to apply to current classes, you need to click Copy Course Fees to Existing Classes. This article explains more about this.

Any changes (other than the fees) you make at the course level will then automatically apply to all classes that have been built from that course, for past, current and future classes.

To Edit a class, you can either go to the Course Detail page and scroll down to where you see all the classes within that course and can select Edit Existing classes to edit all the classes in that course. If you just want to edit one class, you can also go to Find|Class and search for the specific class.

At the class level you may edit the location, instructor, and the instructor pay rate,fees (in addition to or different from the fee set at the course level), class status (active, cancelled, read-only) class schedule - dates, days, and times, capacity, minimum and maximum enrollment, minimum and maximum age, whether the class shows online, has recurring fees, and allows a waitlist. You can also add to the additional information that you put in at the course level.

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