Configure Online Registration

When all of your classes are created and checked to make sure that all data is accurate, the final step is to Configure Online Registration. This tells the system when to turn the Time Period on so the classes appear on the front end of your public ASAP web page. 

The standard registration process allows every user to register at the same time. Priority registration allows a specific group of students to register before all others. For example, you might want to allow current students to register in a popular class before you open it up to new students. 

From the left nav panel, select 1 Configure | Online Registration. Select the 2 Time Period that you are configuring online registration for. Select 3 start and end times and dates for registration. These are the dates and the times that the time period will be posted and will be taken down from online registration. Finally, click 4 Save.  

Reminder Note: Make sure you have checked the box within the time period for "Configuration is complete, make this time period available within the system".  Do this by going to a different page in the system: From your left navigation menu, click Find>Time periods, click Edit next to the time period you want to display, and check this box for "Configuration is complete..."  and save.  This time period will not display online if this checkbox is not checked. Review: Creating new time periods. 

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